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18 publications, 16 in peer-reviewed journals, 552 citations, H-index 11, I-10 index 12 (Google Scholar)

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In preparation

  1. Casey, C.*, N. Dimova and K.L. Knee. Investigating the potential risks of hydraulic fracturing to streams in the Potomac River watershed. In preparation for Environmental Science and Technology.
  2. Duque, C.*, K.L. Knee, C. Russoniello, M. Sherif, O. Aborisha, N.C. Sturchio, and H.A. Michael. Characterizing small-scale variability of radium isotopes in submarine groundwater discharge. In preparation for Marine Chemistry.

In review

  1. Knee, K.L., D. Brenner, J. Miklas, J. Gardner*, T. Fisher and T. Jordan. Assessing the concentration and evasion rate of biogenic N2 gas in streams: Comparison of natural and artificial dissolved gas tracers. In review for Limnology and Oceanography: Methods.
  2. Keany, J.*, M. Christman, M. Milton, K.L. Knee, H. Gilbert, and D. Culver. Distribution and structure of shallow subterranean aquatic arthropod communities in the parklands of Washington, D.C. In review for Ecohydrology
  3. Knee, K.L. and A. Masker*. Association between unconventional oil and gas (UOG) development and water quality in small streams overlying the Marcellus Shale. In revision for Freshwater Science


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